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We support foreigners who like Japanese life and want to stay in Japan even after retirement.

At first please consider carefully,

"Do you obtain a "Permanent Resident" visa and stay in Japan as a foreigner with your native nationality?"

"Do you "naturalize", get Japanese citizenship and live in Japan as a Japanese?"


Or "Do you acquire "Permanent Resident" visa as the first step and "naturalize" in the second step?"

①Benefits of obtaining a "Permanent Resident" visa

・The visa period will be indefinite. You can stay in Japan without renewing your visa period, unless your visa is canceled or it does not correspond to the deportation reason.

However, you need to be careful, as your visa will be canceled if you leave Japan for more than a year without obtaining a re-entry permit.  Because you are still foreigner.

・There are no restrictions on activities in Japan. You can get any job.

However, as with Japanese, you need to comply with restrictions imposed by other laws.

・Having a “Permanent Resident” visa may allow you to be granted special status even if you fall under a deportation event.

・If your spouse or your child applies for a “permanent resident” visa, they can obtain a permit with a simpler requirement than other general visa holders.

・Having a “Permanent Resident” visa is a proof that you have the foundation of your life in Japan, so you can earn credibility in business and social life.

②Benefits of Naturalizing

・You will acquire Japanese citizenship from the day of notification and become a Japanese national.

・Basically, there is no deprivation of Japanese nationality or the abolition of naturalization.

・Public law right, domestic residence right, right of entering and leaving country, suffrage, right of foreign protection right,  and tax liability, etc. occur.

③Comparison of "Permanent Resident" visa and "Naturalization"

・It is necessary to consider how to proceed in consideration of the current living conditions, future directionality, relatives, etc.

  Permanent Resident Naturalization
Nationality It does not change with the nationality of the home country

 The nationality of the home country is lost, 

Japanese nationality only

Residence requirement Principle 10 years Principle 5 years
Ground law Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act Nationality Law
Cancel, leave

Visa cancellation or deportation may occur

Visa will be canceled if you leave Japan for more than a year without obtaining a re-entry permit

Japanese nationality will not be canceled
Residence card Renewal of residence card is necessary There is no residence card because you are Japanese nationality
Application destination Immigration Bureau Legal Bureau
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